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How to import graphics and sound into game ?

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Hi! I got 2 question to ask. 1) How can I import a graphics (jpg and animation) and sound (mp3, wav or midi) into a game which is create in VC++ and VB6. 2) I know the software called MAYA and 3D Studio MAX, what I desire to do is create an animation or movie and then import into game. But I don''t know how to import? Can anyone teach me or any suggestion to import animation and sound? Hope you will help me. Thank you. KOK@HOE

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This is quite a complex request. So it can''t be summed up in a single message board post however I can give you the steps envolved.

#1. Search the net for the file formats you wish to use. (www.wotsit.org has a pretty complete list).
#2. Now that you know what the file format looks like it''s time to move on. Next step is to Open the file using a C command like fopen(). The file is in binary format so you want to use the "rb" parameter in Fopen which stands for Read Binary.
#3. Now the file is opened, you can create a structure which represents the data. Example (if the file format says that the first element in the file format is a integer, and the second is a float) struct OpenFile { int FirstFileParameter; float SecondFileParameter; }; (usualy file formats are more complex than this)

#4. Now it''s time to read in the data to the buffer. We''ll use a C command called fread(&OpenFile, sizeof(OpenFile), 1);
Now everything that was in the file is in the OpenFile structure.

#5. Close the file, using a command like fclose();

Now everything is in memory. And from that point on it''s up to you to determine how to play it, or display it on the screen.

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