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Incorrect documentation of UpdateSurface

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MichaelNIII    195

On the MSDN I was looking for examples of how to draw one image onto another image (and then save the 3rd image for reuse later) for my GUI.

However I came across this example on MSDN and after looking up the UpdateSurface function and staring at it for the longest time.. I am thinking that this is incorrect documentation unless UpdateSurface has an undocumented overloaded function or I am missing something, I was wondering If anyone here could either confirm that this is an incorrect use of UpdateSurface, or perhaps link to an UpdateSurface documentation that allows and explains this behavior?


//The following assumptions are made:
// -d3dDevice is a valid Direct3DDevice9 object.
// -pSource and pDest are valid IDirect3DSurface9 pointers.

RECT  rcSource[] = {  0,  0,  50,  50,
                     50, 50, 100, 100 };
POINT ptDest[]   = {  0,  0, 150, 150 };

d3dDevice->UpdateSurface( pSource, rcSource, 2, pDest, ptDest);



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