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Develteam, a collaboration-based social network for Indie Game developers

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Hi all,


I just finished and relaunched a site I've spent the last 9 months or so working on. I launched it previously and was met with some serious feedback about it and went back to the drawing board. I spent a couple more months tweaking it and now I'm ready to relaunch.


Develteam.com is a collaboration-based social network for indie game developers.


The goal of the site is to get artists, designers, programmers, and musicians together to work on game projects.


I'm sure you've had a great idea for a game, started working on it by yourself, and realized how daunting of a task it was. Wouldn't it be nice to find some like-minded help? Maybe all you need is a illustrator to make backgrounds for your sidescroller, or a PROgrammer who can help speed up development time. Maybe you're a programmer who has trouble coming up with ideas and could use a dedicated game or level designer?


Posting on message boards and begging for help, rarely results in any success. At best, I've found people who sign on but get nothing done and flake out. Scattered across the net are message boards like these, with a 'classifieds' section. Finding that ideal candidate means signing up for lots of boards, making a post, and hoping for the best. Usually members with few posts are outright ignored. Then, when you do find someone willing to sign on, it's hard to verify their abilities before sharing your valuable assets with them.


Develteam is a one-stop site for finding others to work on games with. The site is centered around this goal. You seek out others who are looking for a project to collaborate on, and before you send one message, you can verify their skills by browsing their portfolio.

On Develteam, you can upload portfolio pieces, follow people, make friends, post on the forums, browse content, post a resume, chat via webcam, use shared white boards, post feed updates, write blogs, and much more.


Other sites, like this one, are great resources for finding help, and sites like indiedb.com are great for promoting your game to players, but Develteam is to be a resource solely for finding team members to collaborate with. I don't intend for Develteam to replace either Gamedev.net or Indiedb.com, but to function in tandem with them.


The site is young still, and currently has a small user base, but it can only grow one person at a time. Check out the site, and if you like what you see, pass the link forward to whatever internet hangout you're already a part of. For a short while, as the site gains in popularity, content will be obviously minimal, but it can only increase over time.


Set up your resume and your portfolio sooner than later, and you'll be one of the first people others see when looking for team members.We look forward to seeing you there, and being part of the first wave of an invaluable site.


Thanks, and I hope to see you there smile.png



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