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Anybody tried Rust for games?

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It's still under development so I doubt it's suitable for commercial development right now, but it's stable enough that someone has written an NES emulator in it: https://github.com/pcwalton/sprocketnes


Personally, I'm really, really impressed with what I've seen of Rust. Pattern matching on algebraic data types straight from OCaml and Haskell. Built-in actor-based concurrency, an OO system based on type classes (see also Haskell), an optional GC, incapable of producing segmentation faults, excellent support of closures, and wonderful syntactic sugar that looks like it's straight from Ruby (see the example on the home page).


Lots of new languages are always emerging, and most of them are disappointing, but this is the first one I've seen that seems really promising for high-performance and yet high-level game development.

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