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Blender to DirectX Export problem

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Kurt-olsson    254

I know blender is using the right-handed and DirectX is using Left handed coordinate system.

Of course this is creating some problem with my export.


But my problem isn´t logical.


I have made the simplest model in Blender and then export vertex-list x,y,z and normal x,y,z and u,v for texture mappings.



If i import my model with x = x, y = y, z = z from blender to DirectX in both vertex and normals my model is drawned like this:


It is 90 degrees tilted (this is understandable and logic), BUT also the model is "mirrored" in X-axis.

I can fix the Title by changing x with z when importing. but my normals is always wrong then and i cant fix it.


my code looks like this.


model = my directX model that has vertex Vector3 and normaol Vector3 and u,v float for mapping.

import = values from my export script from blender.


//When i just import the model i use this:


model.vertex.x = import.vertex.x;

model.vertex.y = import.vertex.y;

model.vertex.z = import.vertex.z;

model.texture.u = 1-import.texture.u;

model.texture.v = import.texture.v;


model.normal.x = import.normal.x;

model.normal.y = import.normal.y;

model.normal.z = import.normal.z;


this is just 1->1 import and gives me titled result with mirrored x-axis.


I have tried this, but it wont work, the model is right but my normals and uv-mapping is wrong...



model.vertex.x = -import.vertex.x;

model.vertex.y = import.vertex.z;

model.vertex.z = -import.vertex.y;


model.texture.u = 1-import.texture.u;

model.texture.v = import.texture.v;


//No mather what i set my normals to it is still wrong normals...

model.normal.x = -import.normal.x;

model.normal.y = import.normal.z;

model.normal.z = i-mport.normal.y;



How should my import routine look like for my vertex and normals plus uv?

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