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game of thought

where can i post my games?

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__SKYe    1784

And if it's larger, you can always use a zipping tool, compressing your game, and separating the zipped archive in part files of a given size (if you ever seen files like "abc.rar.part1", "abc.rar.part2", etc).


Also, there are a lot of hosting services (apart from mediafire), like GameCreator said, like RapidShare, DepositFiles, FileFactory, etc.

Note that some of these may only allow for storing only (you, the user with the account, can upload and download your files, but someone else cannot).

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Pufixas    1167

i have spent the last month or so on a game, and my friends want to play it. Where is a good place to host it?


Dropbox of course. You can upload up to 2GB's of space for free, and share the folder with your friends so that they could download your game. The upload speed is SUPER fast, even faster than FPS because they use some kind of awesome compressing technique.

If you could be kind enough to register using this link: I would really appreciate it. Because for every referred user I get extra 500MB of free space. You could do the same thing.

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