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Game Closure releases mobile HTML5 Gaming DevKit

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noisecrime    817



I know a large number of developers are eye-ing up HTML5 in orrder to move away from out-dated or avoid being tied into various other software, but right at the start of that article is what concerns me. Will manufactures improve their browsers to support it? I've not researched HTML5 myself, but it seems to suggest to me that say iOS Safari does not yet support it, or at least enough to accomplish everything you'd want. So I have to wonder would they even want to since in doing so it would provide a back-door for companies to provide products that would circumnavigate their app store?



Ok upon re-reading I see this isn't HTML5, but that they have re-implemented HTML5 features in javascript. Have to say the performance appears impressive from the video demo, though i'm still unclear what is javascript and what is HTML5 in terms of what is being shown. Plus whilst this does allow you to break out of app stores at the same time it means having to work out your own monetise system and i'd assume that its difficult to impossible to be able to protect your code?


Edit 2:

Right after a bit more digging it seems that this is nothing to do with building web/browser games (at least nothing in their feature list points to making a browser build) rather that the devkit enables you to build and test within a browser then build it direct to Android or iOS using some native code libraries to get great performance.


Its still pretty cool, just not as wide reaching as i'd thought, so if it doesn't play in a  browser most of my comments above are irrelevant. However I blame a poorly written article, why even bother mentioning HTML5 if this devkit outputs only to apps?

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ChaosEngine    5185

why even bother mentioning HTML5 if this devkit outputs only to apps?


Because that's the technology behind it. What you're saying is equivalent to "why even bother mentioning C++ if this devkit outputs only to binary?"

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