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Interesting "mix of games" game idea

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Hey guys, i've just started learning to code (in Python for now, but planning on learning c++ afterwards) and just like everybody else, I'm getting way ahead of myself and have already started to plan a game.

Keep in mind these ideas are not very structured, or organized, and are just a bunch of loose, random ideas in my brain that I typed out, not to say I didnt think it through, just saying dont expect it to be a perfectly planned game yet, to help out with this I wrote out a summary with the main plan.

Here it is,

(also, name is just temporary, sorry I'm just nervous about critics)


Project Galaxy

Game summary

An action rpg, with
strategy/sim elements. Races and classes. Build a variety of structures to
create your own settlements, which you can buy, sell, and trade in. Galaxies,
are groups of up to 5 planets (inhabited by other players or alone (not
completely (mobs)). Starting planet is based on race (elements of planet still
randomized) and is a no pvp zone. “Wild” planets have completely random biomes
unlike those of the starter “race based” planets and are pvp enabled (not meant
to be lived on, just explored)Each race has two classes which fall in lign with
standard rpg archetypes but with a twist, the classes each have two sub classes
to choose from. Players have skill trees based on classes, as well as racial
abilities. Crafting and weapon customization are a possibility, along with


  • Coded in c++
    (Based on what I know so far)

  • Ideally work
    with a partner

  • Follow a
    slightly altered minecraft model, releasing slightly later, once the
    galaxy/world (undecided) generation is good (stable, not perfected, not all
    flora/features included) at least one race with all classes is completed (with
    a basic set of skills) Combat is complex enough to be fun, and there are at
    least 3 varying mob types.

  • Plan to release
    to a small audience (as a test) within 6 months-1 year.1-2 years are
    disputable, by 2 years completely open access to the game (labeled as beta)
    Release by 3 years

Core game

  • open world Action
    rpg, with strategy elements, and very basic building(whole buildings/possibly
    whole settlements)

  • Not story driven
    (possibility of a backstory, but other than that no storyline.)

  • Instead of one
    giant world, it is separated into planets(I imagine this will be the hardest
    part of the game to code)

  • The planets are
    all part of one big “galaxy” there isn’t just a screen in between travelling
    between planets, planets could be square or flat(for the purpose of building
    and less bumpy surface) or possibly round, depending on voxel or not

  • Modes are
    debatable, having a specific pvp arena or something like that would go against
    the free roaming world idea, but having pvp always enabled could have problems
    as well.(EDIT: Idea #1 on home planets, pvp is always disabled, but on “wild”
    planets, killing/greifing is allowed)

    EDIT) world generation idea #2 instead of planets, there is only one larger
    planet(easier to make a sphere) still separated into some type of zones (I
    would still like to do the racial specific staring area)

  • Personal space
    travel would be unlocked by some type of building, letting you zoom out from
    your own planet and click on other ones to launch.

  • The “points” you
    get to level up your character are directly connected to the “research points”
    you use to get new buildings and recipes to prevent over complication.

  • Building is
    simplified to a degree where it does not distract from the main idea of the

  • Your home is a
    special, more customizable building, where items are stored, and you can rest.

  • Other buildings
    are used to create services(general store,potion shop, armory etc)

  • Buildings are
    race specific (but do not differ very much at all from eachother, (one or two
    special items) differences are mostly cosmetic)

  • (possible)
    stores can be enhanced(not sure how)



  • 2-4 races, each
    with two core classes

  • each core class
    has two specialties(generic rpg archetypes, with small twists)

  • (not sure if
    this belongs here exactly) Each race has a specific starting planet, with the
    main mobs few special ones

  • If playng with
    friends, they can choose to generate a new starting planet of their own race,
    or continue on yours/share one from the beginning(more co-op oriented)


  • Possibly voxel

  • stubby big
    headed character models(as to not animate limbs and such)

  • If not voxel,
    than stylized “cartoon” graphics.

  • Very smooth
    flowing animation for the movement of characters



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There are some cool ideas here for sure in terms of the design.


Hey guys, i've just started learning to code


However, as a project for a new coder?  No way.. it is far too complex.     I know it isn't as sexy and inspirational to start with a simple single-player game like Tetris, but that by far is a quicker way to build up your skill set than starting on something extremely advanced, and probably only making it 5% complete after 1 year and then getting frustrated and possibly never trying to make a game again.   




For example, my first game was a ASCII based Mines of Moria kind of game, then did some simple 2d sprite animation stuff, then a bit later did a single player Stratego game, then added networking multi-player to it, then did Chess, etc.    Walk, then run!

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To add to what starbase citadel said... Print out everything you typed up there, maybe flesh it out even more on paper.  Then put it aside.  Work on some smaller things, build up your own personal toolbox.  Come back to that idea of yours every so often, think it through in light of what you've learned since the last time you looked at it.  Keep it (or maybe some other game idea) as a kind of guiding light to keep focused on way out there ahead of you on the horizon.  There are a lot of steps you need to take to get to it, but if you keep it out there as a way to keep heading in the right direction, your learning will go much faster.

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Oh man, I forgot to mention this isnt something I'm planning on working on soon, but rather a project to complete eventually.I want to learn the basics of coding this year, and just try recreating some stuff, like tetris and pacman, and then go to university in computing science.And then eve after THAT I want to start out working for a game studio, and work on this as a side prject, eventually turning it into a full time thing. Thats why i sad I know i'm getting ahead of myself, it will be 4 years minimum before this project can even start.

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is the idea that a player can walk around and explore a planet to a large degree ?
or is it more of a settlement that you have to manage and that will build ships that can scan other planets ?

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I've been thinking about that powerneg, I want it to mostly be about the exploring, and the action rpg aspect, I really dont want the focus to be lost by having too many features, or too much building and settlement management. But on the other hand, I don't want settling, upgrading, and building to be completely pointless.

I'm not sure if Ships were going to be included anyway, I wasnt wanting to go too futuristic, I was thinking of just hyaving the space travle be like a magic portal, or something funny like a catapult.


It's a possibility to add "ages" so to speak, not directly going from one age to the next, but advancing slowly, and eventually getting to that stage.

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Earmarking this project as a long-term "someday" plan is a very realistic angle to take on it. :) Learning C/C++ is a solid idea if you want to work in software development, games or not; even if you don't directly work in it it's good to see how low level development works. Stick to it.


As for making a game, I'd take a tiny, tiny part of your idea and try to breathe life into it. Get yourself Unity 3D (or a similar free tool) that will effectively save  yourself years of tools and engine development, skipping you right to the make-the-game part. Make a small scene with trees and maybe a building (it's okay if things are ugly) and wander around in there. That's a tiny part of your proposed design and a rather impressive amount of work for a first step into making a game. Grab onto the horns, as it were, and get it done. :) Once you get into that you'll start to see just how grand your design really is.

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Maybe you can invest in a planets's "companies" to let them advance, with a chance of making some profit and the (certainty) this investment will bring new possibilities to that planet (aka you can buy a better axe).
If doing so some kind of raid/pillage-options should be available too, for fun off course, some realism and so that not the entire universe will be fully developed at some point.

One problem i see with what you're making is that a player might go a very long time without meeting another player, it depends on how the players feel about that, i quess certain meeting-places could be implemented, (basically any building a player might have to visit now and again). it also means you re gonna have a lot of content that's "active"(on your server) yet no player interacts with it.

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