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Hey guys, I just started learning how to code, and right now, I'm using codeacademy (just a tutorial website) to learn Python, just since I heard it's easy to start off on, and I'd like to transition into C, or C++ eventually. And i'm also trying to learn Autodesk Maya to animate.

So do you guys agree that Python is good to start learning on, and Maya aswell?

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it is more about not getting bored/discouraged than about using any particular technology.

I am not personally as much of a fan of Python, but granted it is probably easier to learn than jumping right in with C or C++.
Maya is popular in the industry, and seems to be fairly "solid", so has this going for it.

granted, I can't really say much for "easy to learn" in general, as I have been programming for a fairly long time.

often-times, people will say whatever is easiest to learn is whatever they happen to be most familiar with (often leading to big fights over Java vs C# vs VB.NET vs ...), and other times is motivated more by nostalgia (many of the people who suggest BASIC, ...).

not clear how to really be objective here though.

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