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Units for my RPG Defense Game... Ideas?

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I just made a Gladiator and a Pirate for my upcoming game, Pixel Kingdom! This brings the total of units to 15 for launch day. Here's some info on what I've got so far I'd love to hear your ideas! Let me know what you think the Pirate and Gladiator should do. Btw they are unlocked with the following achievements:

[Unlock Pirate] - Find 100 Treasure Chests
[Unlock Gladiator] - Survive 100 Waves in the Arena


Warrior - Cost: 5
Archer - Cost: 10, ranged attacks.
Rogue - Cost: 10, 30% chance to dodge attacks
Wizard - Cost 20, ranged attacks, AoE 
Knight - Cost 20, high HP, decent Knockback
Cleric - Cost 15, Heals unit in front 
Monk - Cost 10, High knockback
Berserker - Cost 40, High ATK, 30% chance to summon lightning for AoE damage
Paladin - Cost 40, High HP, heals when attacking, can AoE heal
Necromancer - Cost 60, Summons skeletons to fight for you
Ninja - Cost 20, High ranged ATK, with teleport ninjutsu gear you can tap on him to change lanes
Dragoon - Cost 5, 30% chance to crit
Champion - Cost 80, High ATK, HP, Creates light wave that shoots down the lane
Pirate - ???

Here's some gameplay:

Give me more unit ideas!

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Love the art style, great work sofar.

Here are some ideas:


sorcerer - summons imp(distance attack)
archmage - rain of fire
druid - roots (enemy hold in place)
shadowknight  - drains enemy, heals himself
juggernaut - "rolling" attack

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Sappers - Move them forwards below ground - pop them up behind the frontlines

Suicide bombers - run and blow up

Falconers - ranged unit using falcons to dive bomb enemy troops

Trappers - ability to lay different types of traps from bear traps to pit traps

Golems - achievement unlock - heavy troop

Heralds - banner carriers who are not combative but provide combat boosts to nearby allies and/or combat nerf to enemies

Trumpeteers - as per heralds but music

Drummers - as per heralds but drums

Bagpipers - achievement unlock unit - as per heralds but bagpipes


that's all I got for the moment

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How about something to alter the style a bit.  like Fireball.  Not a character, so you don't get a chest or units to the other side, but very powerful attack.  hits the first unit it comes across from where you send it, including yours.  Good to use if you are overwhelmed, but costs too much to use otherwise.  Similarly, you could also have a catapult, which takes a long time to reload, but will essentially roll a bolder down a lane, knocking anything out of its way that doesn't have the ability to switch lanes, like the bat.


As for pirate, perhaps the pirate jumps over, or goes around, the first enemy unit, and goes straight for the treasure.  a good character to use if your low on money, but otherwise not heavily armored.


Gladiator.  Perhaps the gladiator will jump lines to take on something else when its line is clear.


Perhaps another unit might be a Shield Barer, who essentially is pushing a really large shield across the map.  Moves slower, and takes very little damage, but units can get right up to it, and also enjoy the shield bonus when they attack.


Minor Sorceress - can't take on anything in battle, but anything in its path below a certain level will join your side and begin marching the other way to attack with you.


Assassin.  Runs up to a certain point.  Burries itself  (you see little eyes poking out of the ground)  Once the enemy passes, it pops out and attacks from behind.


Another thing would perhaps be out of game character upgrades.  I.e. when selecting your characters, perhaps you can drag them to a particular editor tile, which pulls up a larger view of them, and gives you the ability to spend on upgrades.  I.e. Heal faster, Heal others more, Attack more, etc...  even just one special bonus for each type.  like archer might get Net and Rotate.  Net allows archer to shoot down Bats in one hit.  Rotate allows them to shoot another line, if the enemies in that line are closer.


Perhaps a Super enemy as well, that gets its own hitbar.  like a Giant.

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Perhaps caltrop dropper.  (little spikes left on the ground behind them) If an enemy steps on it, they take damage, bounce back and that caltrop disappears.


Another might be a Ghost Spy.  They are transparent, the enemies can't see them, unless they are unnatural, like ghosts and wizards, so for the most part the ghost spy will cross freely passing through enemies.


Perhaps with the role of a spy, you can start getting hints to where units are lining up to get in, and possibly what they can do.

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I like the look of the game.  I think I would enjoy playing it as is.
You have a lot of characters, and the first ones you listed are described fairly similarly.  
It feels like you shouldn't have a huge amount of characters, but bolder differences between them and upgrades
First I would separate the types of technology and abilities.
For instance, Magic/Physical, Shield/Strike, Living/Undead, Fast/Slow, Straight/Maneuver
Your bat for instance would be a Physical Strike Living Fast Maneuver
Then you create an excel sheet, you create a chart of each possible combination, and assign a character for each
I also noticed your ninja has an upgradable feature for teleport, so you are already planning on having a particular type of screen for editing/upgrading units.  
What seems to me like a good idea, is that you can reduce down your characters even more, and create special features for each of them.  
So a warrior might have a logical Armor Upgrade, 
A bowman might have a target another line upgrade,
A wizard might have a shield upgrade, where enemy strikes temporarily don't pass through, but yours do.
Whats the difference between a rogue and a warrior except for a dodge bonus, you could just keep the warrior.
Some units might have more upgrades than others.  And perhaps there could be typical never ending upgrades for hp/striking, and accuracy.
For instance, I've seen it, where your accuracy is a percentage, starting at 75.  Every time you upgrade it, it goes up by 10% of the remaining.  so the first boost to accuracy would be 75+2.5 =77.5, and so on.  Each time you upgrade, you pay twice what you paid previously.  Also, the accuracy can be a minimum hit.  I.e. your attack strength is 5 points.  You randomly get 50% of that which would have dealt 2.5 points of damage, but because of the minimum accuracy, you deal 75%, or 3.75 points of damage
The same ability can be applied to healing, defense, etc...  
Perhaps you could also have war-elephants.  I.e. they take two tracks at once.  are strong and able to clear a lot of enemies.  Perhaps the enemies could also have this.
Edited by Dan Violet Sagmiller

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i'm missing a fast unit(lancer or something)

possibly some kind of bomber(probably a bird) flying over enemy units dealing minor damage.
regarding some units, you might have to restrict which ones are available for each level, for example a cloudy level wouldn't allow for flying units(Plants vs Zombies uses this system, you could play through it to see how it works out)

you could make a gladiator a dueler/harvester, aka if/when he kills a unit your resource goes up(faster)

you could make a pirate capture enemies and let them fight for you

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I've decided for the pirate to use bombs. He drops one every few seconds or so. enemies that run into the bomb activate it and cause an explosion of AoE damage. I can have special gear for him to increase the rate at which he drops bombs, too. 


The Gladiator I still don't know what I'm going to do...

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