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Unity Unity: Beginner asking advanced question about interacting with dynamic slopes

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Defend    311

I've only recently started learning how to use Unity and 3D development tools in general, so this question is pretty naive about what can and can't be done. 


Basically, can I create an scene with an interactive character running around, where the landscape changes shapes beneath the character's feet and the character 1. stays connected to the land, and more importantly 2. reacts to the gradient beneath his feet as said gradient is changing. 


For example, imagine the following takes place over 4 seconds:




In the 2nd step, the character should start being pulled down the slope due to the change in gradient.

In the 3rd step, assuming some magical force is keeping their feet on the inverted ground, they are still being affected by the new gradient but less severely, as the gradient here is more shallow than the 2nd image.


Is this hard to do in Unity?

If it isn't too hard, could someone give a quick and general semi-layman's terms description of how?






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