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Making a sliding puzzle

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Hello guys!

I am trying to create a sliding puzzle, like this for the kinect:

Unfortunately I am learning how to use all of this only now so I am pretty confused.

In order to make this puzzle I decided to start out by just making a sliding puzzle using the XNA framework with some random image I choose and then add the next features.

I divided it in the following tasks:


*Open image (or draw the sprite)

*Slash it into various squares and separate it 

*Randomize it

*Mouse controls to put everything back in place


I am sad to say I got stuck on my second task. I have no idea how to slash a sprite into various sprites and then move them around. I looked around desperately but so far haven't found anything that helps.

I really really need this done by next week and any help would be great.


Thank you very much for your time!



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What you need to do is have many quads (tiles or squares in the puzzle) and have the main image as a texture. Then for the coordinates of the quads you also need texture coordinates between 0.0 and 1.0. As an example if I had four squares the texture coordinates of the top left square would be

| |
| |
| |

As the square moves around its screen coordinates will change but its texture coordinates will remain constant. I also made a sliding puzzle some time ago, you can see it under my projects here: at the bottom of the screen

There is a github repo link there too if you want to look at the source code. Good luck!

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