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Sparse Voxel Octree vs. Gigavoxel vs. Octree

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ChristOwnsMe    374

I am going to be working on a planet made out of blocks(using voxels of course), and I was debating between these 3 techniques, and I basically just wanted everyone's input on the difficulty of the implementation of these, and if what I would like to do would be possible using something as simple as an octree(where I would procedurally generate deeper nodes only as needed) or if I would need something like a sparse voxel octree or use the Gigavoxel technique.


The idea is that I should be able to go very deep into an octree, procedurally generating data as I go, and be able to view other parts of the tree that are at a very low resolution, because they are at a high level in the tree(a mountain range 100 miles away for instance).  I hope I was descriptive enough. Thank you for any input!

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ApEk    517

I have no experience with implementing these structures myself, but I do read alot. - for many excellent pdfs about everything you want to know - excellent information about sparse voxel octrees using morton encoding


There are many more sources of good information I have not mentioned, partly because of my memory, but you could ask on

These topics are probably more popular there and the people more knowledgeable about the latest white papers.


Note that ompf forums are kind of slow as of lately D:

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