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Anand Baumunk

Render To Texture - depthStencilView

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I recently stumbled over a problem with my render-to-texture mechanism. I was setting

 d3d11DevCon->OMSetRenderTargets(1, &renderTargetView, 0);
, what obviously will let me render to the renderTargetView, but without using a depthStencilView.

Now, when I try to pass my depthStencilView as the last parameter, nothing gets drawn anymore. Is there a specific parameter I have to set in the depthStencilView to allow it to be used when I draw to a texture?

Again, without the depthStencilView it works fine, but of course without depth.

If you need some more code on how I initialise stuff, let me know.


Thank you very much!

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Could be a few reasons. Check your depth-stencil buffer is cleared correctly unless you're reusing it from a previous pass - depth initially set to 1 typically, so things with less depth pass the depth test. Stencil typically set to 0. And check your depth stencil tests are set as you expect, i.e. you haven't inadvertently left a stencil test set inappropriately from a previous operation, or got the depth test set the wrong way round. You could try temporarily turning both tests off completely to see if anything is drawn then.

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