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Flood of "Change" Events

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Quat    568

I am building an editor of sorts, which means my mesh geometry can change.  Certain parts of my application will want to be notified when a mesh's geometry changes.  So I added a "GeometryChanged" event to my mesh class.  The problem is that several of my Mesh API functions can raise the GeometryChanged event, and often these calls will be made sequentially.  Here is a simple example:




mesh.Indices[3] = 2;


Each of these changes the geometry of the mesh, and would trigger 3 "GeometryChanged" events.  If the event handlers were heavy duty this would be pretty wasteful.  One solution I am considering is to wrap changes between a BeginGeometryChange()/EndGeometryChange pair, and only Begin/EndGeometryChange would raise events. 


This would work and is relatively easy to integrate, but I am wondering if there is a more elegant solution.  I find this somewhat inelegant because of the extra API calls to Begin/EndGeometryChange that the client must manually remember to call.  I can of course add debug asserts to make sure they are properly called, but still.



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L. Spiro    25638

There is nothing wrong or inelegant with your idea to begin/end a series of events.  This is called “batching” and is the normal way to go about this.  It is also heavily used in undo/redo systems, especially related to typing events.




L. Spiro

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swiftcoder    18437
Another approach is to wrap the begin/end calls in a scoped handle class, which calls begin when it is created, and end when it is destructed (i.e. falls out of scope)
class Mesh
	 friend class MeshModifier;
	 void begin_modifications();
	 void end_modifications();

	 void add_vertices_impl();
	 void add_indices_impl();

class MeshModifier
	 Mesh &mMesh;
	 MeshModifier(Mesh &mesh) : mMesh(mesh) {mMesh.begin_modifications();}
	 ~MeshModifier() {mMesh.end_modifications();}

	 void add_vertices();
	 void add_indices();

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