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Best way to implement a multiplayer lobby in a smartphone game

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I made a multiplayer game and I wish to let it works in a smartphone.

It is how it works now: At this time it is a web app and the

- user choose an ID and a password,

- then creates a new game,

- the server returns the code of the new game created,

- the other players join the game corresponding to that code.

I don't know the logic I should use in a smartphone, e.g. :

  • it seems rude to ask the user a ID and a password,
  • it seems stupid to me to have such a complex way to manage the hosting/joining mechanism: whould be much simpler if the user just search the friends to invite in his phone-contact-list

However, usually what should be the most convenient way to implement a multiplayer game in a smartphone, particularly for what concern the logging-in, the search of friends, the hosting and the joining?


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On a smartphone I would not ask the user for a user name and password Creating one can be tedious and put users off using your game.
Try to use something that already exists on the phone.
For example on the iPhone you can use game center for logging in (you don't have to use their lobby or score system) then their game center name and some other unique id can be passed to your server as the username and password.
For a cross platform solution you can use something like scoreloop.

If you want to completly avoid using a third party games network then you can just let the user log in with Facebook, Twitter, G+ or some other social network.  All of these social networks have an oAuth log in that will supply you with a username and a unique id which can be used as a password It would also allow the user to challenge these friends on their particular social network with a link to download your game.  So not only would this solve your log in issue it can also help drive revenue.  This is how draw something, songpop, words with friends etc.. go so viral.


To make it even easier you could use the parse SDK which is easy to integrate and has a built in API (and even a customizable UI) for logging up in social networks.

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