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Recommendation for Java web framework

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I have some POJOs that I want to make available on the web using REST.  This is for a prototype where the user can edit/delete/add instances of these POJOs.  Any suggestions for a light web framework to make this as easy as possible? I'm hoping to find something that requires minimaI XML configuration and coding assuming there is an easy way to serve the POJOs as REST resources. I don't need to worry about user accounts/authentication etc. I will probably use extjs for the client side as we're already using it and I'm somewhat familiar with its models and stores. I am reading through tutorials for various frameworks and I'll start experimenting, probably with Vaadin first. Thanks

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Share on other sites - Jetty is a great web server for prototyping. - Jersey is the REST web framework I've used for all my REST stuff.


A quick google search turned up this:


Using the @Annotations to setup the REST URLs is really easy.


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