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Alpha and Omega - A change from the (god/creation) norm!

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Hi guys, I hope you don't mind, but I'm just going to c/p my description from IndieGoGo. It just took too much effort to write, and I'm tired.
I'm just really looking for criticism/ideas/feedback, but if anyone would actually like the link to the project page, I'm not going live until about July, so I'll PM it to you then.

__ __ __

Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega is the first game in development by Yesterday's Tomorrow, and is a god/creation game. It is different to other games of a similar genre in many respects, such as, but not limited to:

Relatively short playthroughs, complete with a scoring system.
Progression, both persistent and relatively non-persistent.
Non-persistent progression is the talent system of the game, similar to that of World of Warcraft. These are changes such as the ability to recolor terrain, create more complex life, and control how your civilization grows.
Persistent progression is one or more artifacts, traits, etc. that are 'left over' from your previous playthroughs. For example, if your sentient race evolves or creates telepathy, at the beginning of subsequent games, you can choose to include that in your species from the beginning; or if your planet detonates, you may find rare ore that is normally only found in the core of your earth.
You will have/gain the ability to terraform your planet, (think the beginning of simcity 4), and alter the terrain.
Worlds will be randomly generated, or if you choose, will be blank canvases for you to shape yourself.
The game will have a storyline or plot of sorts, unlike other similar games.
And, there will be others as soon as we think them up. (If you would like to make a suggestion, we are very receptive!)

__ __ __

Thanks guys, I hope to hear from you!

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