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Do you like Doodle Games?

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Hey again..

Today I was surfing on BlacBerry Appworld and found one game called as "Doodle Dude". The game was developed by "Manthan Studio".

After so many days I found the Doodle game and it gave me a strong thought related to Doodle games. So I have downloaded that game and played. It was 15 levels game with really cool graphics.


Here are some cool screenshots for this game:


Anyways, so I want to ask How many of you (like me) love Doodle Games?


Which doodle games have you played?


And what kind of some different features you think should be present in Doodle game apart from other games?


You can even share links relatd to the same here...


[attachment=13720:bluff timer.png][attachment=13721:hanging stone.png]

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When you said "Doodle game" I thought you were referring to games like Draw Something or even Crayon Physics. That game there looks like a puzzle platformer.


Do I like puzzle platformers? Some of them. Braid and Fez are the most recent ones I've played, and among the best. Abe's Odyssey was rather good, but that was long enough ago that I remember very little of it. (Just the psionic remote controlled detonating farts. No, really.)


Do I like games with the doodle visual aesthetic? I've seen very few, but they work. Crayon Physics and a dozen stick fighter variants. smile.png


What's the goal? Are you curious about the aesthetic or the game play?

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