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Halved-Circles Mine: 2D platformer with destructible terrain and physics simulation

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wookie22    105

Hello to everyone!


My name is Lukasz Kaluski and I'd like to introduce my new project: Halved-Circles Mine (for PC & Mac).


HCM is 2D puzzle-platformer where you control group of miners in huge mine. You have to operate various mining machinery, dig and build etc.


Game is in early pre-alpha stage. Here is first gameplay footage:



And here are some screens:







If you like it, please like HCM fanpage



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cbotman    218

I like the animations on all the machinery. It looks like it could be a lot of fun operating machines, though hopefully there's not too much driving back and forward in the slower ones.


Almost seems a shame you only control one guy. Could be fun having a bunch of miners working away. :)


Keep up the good work.

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