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Exporter Biped Get TM...Maxscript

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I just Get Biped TM...Only...first...

Each node of biped TM...Local TM...

In Maxscript..

obj = $'Bip001 head';
localTM = obj.transform * Inverse obj.parent.transform; <-- Right ?

and I get local vertex info...
and multiply localtm * userTM...

and I test.

Just 2 biped_object is drawing...
'Bip001', 'Bip001 Pelvis'

and Get HierachyTM
d3dxmatrix mBip001 =;
d3dxmatrix mBip001Pelvis = * mBip001; <-- Right ?

result is ....

make me crazy

I want to know What's the wrong...

BipedTM is different to BoneTM ?

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