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Hello. I have tried couple of Web development forums and no one seems to reply on my question, I thought that forum is active so I might as well give it a go with my question:

Can someone post a code that I can make a box (border) on the middle of the page also I want the information to be inside the box too and have a different colour then the background. I gave an attachment what I mean. I would appreciate if someone would help!

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We don't just hand over pre-written code to solve your problems, and if that's what you've been asking for on other forums I'm not all that surprised that you haven't received any replies.


What we can do is help you out with writing your own code: we can point you in the direction of places where you can learn how it's done, and after you've made your own attempt we can help you to solve any problems you're still having.



You'll need some basic HTML code to create the elements on your page, and you'll need CSS to write the styling rules; adjusting the positioning, changing colours, etc.

To learn HTML you might try the "learn HTML" section on the Mozilla Developer Network and/or the HTML tutorial at w3schools.  I'd suggest starting from the basics and working your way through, but the specific element you'll need are forms (alternative link).

To learn CSS you might again try the "learn CSS" section on the Mozilla Developer Network and/or the css tutorial at w3schools.


More specifically, here is a tutorial (including sample code) covering the basics of styling web forms using CSS, and to centre your form you'll want to use the first technique (setting left and right margins to auto) described in this article on horizontal alignment with CSS.  If you really just want some code you can probably grab the sample code provided and experiment, but I'd strongly suggest at least reading up on the basics first.



Alternatively, if you really don't want to learn about HTML and CSS and just want this one-off piece of code you could use a form generator (such as this one) rather than writing or looking for code, or could create your form using a WYSIWYG software package such as DreamWeaver.



Hope that's helpful! smile.png

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