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Selling games on Steam

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swiftcoder    18437

Unconfirmed rumours state that the industry standard appears to be about 30% for steam, iTunes, amazon, etc. Could be wrong, but I've read it in a few places.

Apple, at least, is very open about taking a 30% cut. The others are generally around the same percentage, but mostly aren't as straightforward.

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tboxx    159

A recent article which may find of use.


Defender's quest - by the numbers


Whilst it does not pertain directly to the percentage question of the OP I do believe it contains sufficient material to be a worthy adjunct to this particular thread.


In addition to what has been mentioned above with reagrds Steam's cuts being variable from game to game or organisation to organisation, I have also read that Steam has also shown some flexibility in reducing their cut when a product undergoes a massive discount sale. How broadly this applies I don't know. 


 I bet Valve also considers taking a lower % to attract big studios to signup with them.

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