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Creepy debug problem

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Hi, I''m using Visual C++, using multithread LIBs. When I link my game using the multithread debug libraries, everything works fine, no error no assertions no nothing. However when I want to make a Release .exe file using the non debug libraries, my initialization code fails always. What I did was to still use the multithread debug libraries but I enabled the Debug Info checkbox, so I could debug, the problem lies in the fact that everytime that I get into a specific function using F10 or F11 to go step by step on the code, the dang VC++ gets freezed just in the moment that I try to execute the first code line (whatever that line code is) at that specific function. However this doesn''t happend always, because I call this function several times (from other functions) before this specific time. Does anyone have any experience dealing with this? Thank you /\ /__\ C.Z. Hagen

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