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Simulating Grass

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NiteLordz    808

Currently i have a terrain that i render using a heightmap, elevation map and detail maps.  I now want to add in grass and trees (vegetation).  I found this article on rendering grass,, but i am wondering how i can "place" grass thru my terrain.  I am assuming something like a distribution map would be needed.


Does anyone know of any good examples?


Also, if i wanted to render the grass, so that the user walks thru, the grass would shift accordingly.  IN the given example, the grass moves based on wind.  I would still want this, but as the user moves thru the grass the field, the grass on the right would bend to the right, and left accordingly.


Any thoughts?


Thanks much

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cr88192    1570

hell, this is basically what I am passing off as grass in my case...


yes, the small bush looking things are supposed to be clumps of grass, and yes, was just quickly and lazily drawn up and tested in engine just minutes before posting this...


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