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Gareth Pearce

writing managemnt type games such as music wars rebirth

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Nymall    202

Depends. What are you going to do with it, a web game? You might consider flash, php/ajax, java. Do you want it to be console based? How do you want to distribute it?


I'm sure if you provide a bit more detail on your vision the answers should be easy, but above all in the end it will come down to personal preference and experience.

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frob    44972

"Best" is subjective.


It probably means "makes it most likely that I will actually complete the project".



If you are most comfortable with C#, and your target platform supports C# easily (which it does) then by all means use C#.


If instead you were most comfortable with another language, such as Python or Java or C++ or ActionScript, then by all means use whatever of those you prefer.

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