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SlimDX RawInput and WPF

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I'm trying to set up keyboard and mouse controls for a space game using SlimDX and RawInput. My current code is as follows:


Device.RegisterDevice(UsagePage.Generic, UsageId.Keyboard, DeviceFlags.None);
Device.KeyboardInput += new EventHandler<KeyboardInputEventArgs>(keyboardInput);
Device.RegisterDevice(UsagePage.Generic, UsageId.Mouse, DeviceFlags.None);
Device.MouseInput += new EventHandler<MouseInputEventArgs>(mouseInput);



However I read here: that for WPF I need to use a different overload for Device.RegisterDevice(), as well as assigning a HandleMessage using Device.HandleMessage(IntPtr message)


I've found the correct overload for RegisterDevice() which is:

RegisterDevice(UsagePage usagePage, UsageId usageId, DeviceFlags flags, IntPtr target, bool addThreadFilter)




What I can't work out, though, is:


1) Now that I have to use a target, what am I meant to set as a target?

2) Where do I get this IntPtr message from?

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