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what does offset point to in GetProperty

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so for get property in the asScriptObject class:


GetProperty(asUINT index, const char **name, int *typeId = 0, bool *isPrivate = 0, int *offset = 0, bool *isReference = 0, asDWORD *accessMask = 0);


It assigns an offset which I assume is pointing to the data for that property, but i can't exactly tell what it is pointing to. Is it the actual raw data or some sort of angelscript wrapper?


What I'm trying to accomplish is assigning to a angelscript class's members. I need to be able to assign values (ints, ect) and references to other script objects.


Any help would be greatly appreciated smile.png

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The offset points to the location within the object where the property is. If isReference is true, the property is stored as a pointer to the actual property. In this case you'll need to deference the pointer after adding the offset.


It may be easier to use asIScriptObject::GetAddressOfProperty() instead of asIObjectType::GetProperty.

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