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pygame: is there a way to get input from xbox controller?

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MrJoshL    810

Yes. Write a python module in C using DirectInput, and use that module in your python program. I don't think there is another way, unless somebody already has done that and is offering their library up for free.

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nickme    253



i found a small script on the net:




#!/usr/bin/env python

# Written by March 14 2012
"Event echoer in Pygame."
import pygame
from pygame.locals import *
def main():
        "Opens a window and prints events to the terminal. Closes on ESC or QUIT."
        screen = pygame.display.set_mode((640, 480))
        clock = pygame.time.Clock()
        joysticks = []
        for i in range(0, pygame.joystick.get_count()):
                print "Detected joystick '",joysticks[-1].get_name(),"'"
        while 1:
                for event in pygame.event.get():
                        if event.type == QUIT:
                                print "Received event 'Quit', exiting."
                        elif event.type == KEYDOWN and event.key == K_ESCAPE:
                                print "Escape key pressed, exiting."
                        elif event.type == KEYDOWN:
                                print "Keydown,",event.key
                        elif event.type == KEYUP:
                                print "Keyup,",event.key
                        elif event.type == MOUSEMOTION:
                                print "Mouse movement detected."
                        elif event.type == MOUSEBUTTONDOWN:
                                print "Mouse button",event.button,"down at",pygame.mouse.get_pos()
                        elif event.type == MOUSEBUTTONUP:
                                print "Mouse button",event.button,"up at",pygame.mouse.get_pos()
                        elif event.type == JOYAXISMOTION:
                                print "Joystick '",joysticks[].get_name(),"' axis",event.axis,"motion."
                                if event.axis == 4:
                                        print ' axis 4', event.value
                                elif event.axis == 3:
                                        print ' axis 3', event.value
                        elif event.type == JOYBUTTONDOWN:
                                print ("Joystick '",joysticks[].get_name(),
                                    "' button",event.button,"down.")
                        elif event.type == JOYBUTTONUP:
                                print "Joystick '",joysticks[].get_name(),"' button",event.button,"up."
                        elif event.type == JOYHATMOTION:
                                print "Joystick '",joysticks[].get_name(),"' hat",event.hat," moved."
if __name__ == "__main__":
Edited by nickme

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