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BIG images

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ooo wow! .. haven''t been on these boards for like a year - good to see they are still going strong ok - here''s my deal.. I''ve written a little graphics generating proggy with OpenGL .. everything works great except when I want to render stuff bigger than the screen size (I''m talking like 4kx4k pixels on a 1280x1024 screen)... My proggy isn''t required to run in ''realtime'' nor does it need to display the OpenGL context at all .. it just renders some graphics at a user defined size and then saves it out as an image file... ..but when i try and render something larger than the screen size the areas off screen are black - I''m guessing that this is done by the 3d card (ie it only renders the area of the context within its screen size/resolution)... So now I''m thinking if there are any ways to render such a large image in sections. Perhaps rendering in tiles that are the size of the screen and then stitching those together - however I am rendering in a perspective mode so how can I break up a large image that is in perspective?? -any help/ideas?- -darkastaroth

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BAH! ... always the way - you spend an hour or two looking for the answer .. finally post a question ... and then find the answer 10mins later ;PP


PS anyother ideas are still welcome tho

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