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New iOS Shooter Looking for Testers

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Long time reader, first time poster. I've been working on a 2d dual stick shooter for iOS and at the point where I'd like to get some feedback from people beta testing through Test Flight. But first, a little about the game.


You play as a farmer put in the unfortunate position of defending his crops from some evil forest animals.  The game starts out very slowly to give new players a chance to ease into the joystick controls but picks up and towards the end gets very difficult (you will die many times).

A few things that set this apart from other shooters:

  • The controls are very smooth and precise when using your thumbs.
  • Plays through 3 difficulties, normal, hard, and madness. (sort of like diablo)
  • Leveling system and weapon upgrades that persist through death to make sure you never have to "start over" when you die.
  • Item loot with random stats to make you more powerful (also persists through death). Great for people trying to collect the best gear.

I've made a short gameplay video to demonstrate the first stage. Please take it with a grain of salt as the graphics are not very good and the part being shown is only the first stage. Hard and Madness levels have dozens of enemies and you have access to flamethrowers, machine guns, lasers, bombs, turrets, and more.




If you like shooters and want to help test this, please request to be a beta tester through this Test Flight link. http://tflig.ht/Xthrs4


Thank you!

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