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Multiplayer, the Internet and Lidgren

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Andy474    694

Hi smile.png


Quick question hopefully a quick answer. I am planning a game using XNA(or Monogame) i havent decided, but i want to to be networked, so i can play with friends over the internet. I Started this project about 3 days ago and so far almost have a working Framework on which to build a Game.


However, i have recently been lead to beleive while watching a Monogame Talk on youtube that its integration of Lidgren was Local network only :/


However i thought as Lidgren is TCP/UDP is would work fine over the internet aslong as the client was pointed towards the server, and i had some form of port forwarding setup on my network.


So really, can i do this? I dont really want to go much further on the game if this is impossible.


If i am right, i host the server on my machine and Get a client to connect, once i have forwarded the correct port. correct?

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Jodacola    109

Andy - It's been a year or so since I last played around with Lidgren, but I created a small XNA game to play with the networking capabilities of Lidgren.  I created a local server application and an XNA client application.  I sent it out to a few friends and they were able to connect to my server remotely, from several states away.


I'm not sure why the talk you viewed made it seem as though it was local only, but I can certainly tell you that the last time I used Lidgren, it wasn't.


I created a config file for the XNA client application that contained the address of my server and port number, so that if my local IP changed, the clients could update easily.  The connection was established by Lidgren with the config address, and connections worked just fine (after setting up port forwarding and the like on my router, of course).


Give it a shot - you shouldn't have much trouble with it!

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Valoo    881

I'm using Lidgren gen3 and as far as i see its even possible to use NAT traversal.


And for the IP part you could also register a dynamic dns at no-ip and you router (at least mine has options for that) for example. Then all you clients can connect to "".

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