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I make some 2D games with SDL, now I think that is the moment to start making games in 3D.

There are lots of options for learn 3D, but my main question is: 

I should learn OpenGL and combine it with SDL, o is better option to use any 3D engine like Unity?

I want to prepare for make games in profesional way... So, in this case, what is the best choice for avoid wasting time learning useless thinks?

Thanks you in advance!


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If you want to learn something that alows you to make professional quality games, then:


If you're targeting Windows only (and i think XboX 360 works too), then i'd say DirectX is the way to go. Most of today's most famous games use it.

If you're targeting multiple platforms you may want to learn OpenGL. Note that OpenGL doesn't provide many tools like DirectX does, OpenGL is just a graphics API.

OpenGL i also available fr mobile platforms in the form of OpenGL ES.

If you want to make a game for various platforms including mobile then you could use Unity.


There are also open source game engine you could use, like OGRE (although OGRE is a graphics engine only), Irrlicht, etc.


Other people should tell other popular choices i don't know (or didn't remember) about.


Hope it helps.

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