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T-Go Co Games

Diesel Tactics - A steampunk inspired, asynchronous turn based strategy game in the works

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Hey everyone,


I'm proud to announce T-Go Co Games' upcoming game Diesel Tactics!


It's an asynchronous turn based strategy game (like Hero Academy) that also allows players to build their own custom armies to bring into battle, similar to the table top games Warhammer or War Machine.


The world and art style are inspired from World War I and II imagery with a steampunk/dieselpunk vibe to it.  The game will be 3D with 2D background elements.


Right now we only have the first concept art pieces to show (though modelling and animation have begun, we just aren't showing anything yet!), but we have new announcements several times per week on our website (and twitter and facebook pages) and if you're interested in following the progress of the game please follow us on any (or all!) of those!


We're hoping to launch the game in summer 2014 (we hope!) with the beta being available about a month or so before release.


The game will be available on both iPhone and iPad.  It will also be available on Android devices, but I don't think this is the place to bring that up.  You will be able to play against each other though, so you can show those Android gamers what's what!


Here's some concept art from some of the units in the game:










And here's a 3D model of one of the units from the game:






If you want to see more and to keep up to date with our progress, check us out:


Web: www.tgocogames.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/tgocogames

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tgocogames

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Hey everyone,


New information has steadily been coming out about Diesel Tactics, and here are some highlights:


- There will be (at least) 2 armies available at launch


- The game will be free with one army available to the player and additional armies purchasable for $1.99


- Each army will have 8 units (at least) available to them, 6 Infantry units and 2 Vehicle units


- There will be 3 mission types at launch: Take and Hold, Assault, and Engagement


- There will be an Elo style rating system for players to help create more evenly matched games



There's plenty more to be revealed, so check out our website for more information and you can find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all the updates about the game!



In the mean time, here's some more concept art and models from some of the units in the game:










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Hey everyone,


More information has been revealed about Diesel Tactics! 


Here are some highlights:


- Artillery units have been revealed


- Healing will not be part of the game!


- Terrain randomization is in!



Much more information has been added at our website



As usual, I'm adding a few more images from Diesel Tactics for you to check out!





The walking tank!




Flying tank concept art




Flying tank 3D model





Motorcycle unit concept art

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Hey everyone,
If your interested in keeping up with what's going on with our development, check out the site or Like us on Facebook or follow me on Twitter!
Here are a few more images for you to see some of our progress!


Automaton Infantry!
Rocket Pack Trooper Concept Art
Bazooka Soldier

Flamethrower Soldier


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We've been hard at work laying the foundation for Diesel Tactics core gameplay as well as creating the menu system for the game including the all important army creation screens!


Unfortunately, this means that we haven't had a whole lot of stuff to show off to everyone, since screenshots of code aren't all that exciting.


We have had quite a few updates on our website tgocogames.com including my blog ramblings on varied topics like board gaming and Kickstarter campaigns, so keep up to date with us there!


We do have some concept art images for our menu screens to show you guys in the Diesel Tactics concept art image gallery as well as a bunch of new images in the main gallery for you to check out!


We'll have some gameplay images and videos coming up in the very near future and the updates should be coming fast and furious at that point, so stay tuned!


Here's a couple WIP images from our menus!





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Hey everyone,
It's been a while since we've updated our info on the forums, but that's largely been due to the fact that we're hard at work trying to get a working game up and running!
We've got most of the pieces of the puzzle made and we're in the process of putting them together.  Things are going pretty smoothly now, but the dev world is always pretty unpredictable unfortunately, so we're not entirely sure when we'll be ready to have some gameplay videos for you guys.  It shouldn't be too much longer though, and I'll let everyone know as soon as we have something playable!
Until then, here are some more images from Diesel Tactics with their working names attached which we'd love to hear your feedback on!


WIP Army Building Screen
Motorcycle and Sidecar Model (working name: Reitwagen Kommando)
Sniper Unit (working name: Scharfschützen)
Jetpack Unit (working name: Himmel Stürmer - “Sky Stormers”)

Heavy Machine Gunner (working name: Rapid Projectile Dispatching Sqaud)



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Hey everyone,


I wanted to give you guys an update on how things are progressing with Diesel Tactics, and let you know why we're running a bit behind schedule.


We've had some internal issues (which I think is sort of inevitable with any studio, but can be particularly bad with an indie developer) which have caused us to have to redo some work that we thought was done.  The end result is that we're running about two and a half months behind schedule.  We were hoping to be in alpha right now, but it looks like that will happen closer to sometime in September.


We should know relatively soon as to what our new milestone dates are (for things like gameplay videos, trailers, alpha, beta, etc) and I'll update everyone here as soon as possible.


On a more positive note, our artist Nadia Fernandez has done some awesome work on the logo for Diesel Tactics and I'd like to show it off to you guys in its current form, so here it is!






To see more images of the new logo check out the Diesel Tactics menu sub gallery here!


Thanks for understanding guys and I'll update you all again soon!

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