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Faizan Manzoor

beginner seeking help

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Let's start by saying I want to make a game. I have some good ideas that I want to make games on but I know I am not even close to implement those ideas as I am a total noob. So, what I want to know is where should I start. Right now I want to create a very simple game of just walking. No heavy graphics or AI needed. Just my first step in making games. 


A little bit about myself:

Age: 18

Education: High School

Knowledge of 3D graphics: Intermediate. I can make 3d models but not very detailed like those present in games made nowadays. I can make models of quality as seen in GTA 3 or VC. Graphics should not be a big issue as I am not going to publish the game.

Programming knowledge: Learned a little from books in school library. C++ only. made a calculator after reading a book. Nothing more.


Goal: make something that resembles a 3d game.


I dont want to make my own engine or this and that. By looking at some tutorials I think I should get Unity or UDK. 


So where should I begin?

what should I do?

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I think I should get Unity or UDK.

You are on the right track.


Best to get unity or udk and a demo project from the choosen engine. Then start to dig into the demo, try to change little things, experiement. This is really helpful to get in contact with an engine, learn something about the how a game works and you have really fast feedback. If you don't want to sell it (which is a good idea for your first project :) ), try to change the demo piece for piece towards the target game idea you have.

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