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Turn of centrifugal force in BulletPhysics

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I've managed to rotate my board with some objects on top. Now as someone mentioned i another question I had that the centrifugal force would affect the objects. Is it possible to somehow turn this force off?


How is this done if possible ?

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I'm afraid you might have to twiddle quite a bit with this.

As a first step, you might try playing with friction coefficients, but it would clearly have other unintended consequences.

For 2D graphics, there's a way to disallow 3D rotations, allowing the objects to rotate only around the "in-out" axis. Maybe you could try this as well, but I don't think it's going to work.

Eventually consider a more generic system to provide the extra "stickness", such as adding and removing constraints on the fly. Sounds more robust to me but sure it's still going to take some care.

I'm vary interested however so I'm looking at this thread.

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