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Crewon Clash: Dungeon Crawler

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Demo below. Please help us get crowdfunded too at:
Crewon Clash is a Pokemon Rumble blended with Diablo inspired game. A 3D Dungeon Crawler in which when you defeat your enemies, they may become drops, and get added to your selectable characters, for you, or your friends, to use. Different ones will be suited for different roles (healer, tank, trap/summoner, melee DPS, range DPS) and mixing them will be required for the ultimate team!

  • Long before CReNET (Our upcoming MMORPG with Pokemon-like Gameplay), the story between humans and crewons had a rough start. Because, how the hell could humans live without being preyed in a world where even fish can fire beams of concentrated energy? Become the legendary figure who brought peace between them!
  • Randomly Generated Maps may contain new rooms in even your second or third walkthrough.
  • Keyboard and Gamepad Support.
  • Local Multiplayer support and hopefully Internet too!
  • Developed to run even on Intel integrated cards on laptops.
  • Easy for a casual gamer to get into, but only a hardcore gamer will 100% complete it.
  • Fully moddable, from attacks to the crewons and even whole areas, most of the game is made in CReScript, and it's documented on our site. We expect to even incorporate it into Steam Works.
  • Crewon Clash is made with Local Multiplayer and gamepads in mind. If we reach $50,000 we will make an Ouya version, as it seems only natural.

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