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Best way to do mouselook?

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Hi everyone,


I've tried to use the following code for allowing my mouse to move the camera look direction:


case WM_MOUSEMOVE: //Mouse movement for camera
mouseDeltaX = currMousePos.x - lastMousePos.x; mouseDeltaY = currMousePos.y - lastMousePos.y; //Find how much the mouse has moved
lastMousePos = currMousePos;
SetCursorPos(GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN)/2, GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSCREEN)/2); //Reset the cursor to the window centre


This doesn't seem to work though. I think the reason is that the function SetCursorPos() also causes a WM_MOUSEMOVE message to be sent, which means that the net movement each time is zero. What's the best way to make a simple mouselook function in C++? All I need at the moment is to determine how much the mouse has moved from its last position every time it moves. I think when I get that sorted, I will be able to take it from there!



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