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Getting applications directory?

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Juliean    7068



currently when I want to load resources like images etc.. in my application (VS10) I have to give it a path like this:

wstring sFilename = L"../../Editor/Frame/Cursor.png";

Now I've designed my resource loader so that it will append the "../../Editor/"-part. But still, this will only work when the directory is namend "editor". How do I get the real name of the directory the application is in (or, in that case, the upper directory because the app will be in "Editor/Debug"? Its not a big deal but it has bugged me for a while. Any idea?

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Trienco    2555

Though I would consider changing the project settings to your need, rather than writing your code to work around an inconvenient setup.


The path is already relative, so the only problem should be the difference between running from the IDE and running the binary directly.

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