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Problem with Sampling TextureArray (Depth format)

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I'm rather a GL newbie, trying to port my d3d code to GL, but so far my experiment was far from pleasant..

My new problem is accessing depth (internal format) texture array in the shader and writing it to some output.

My hardware is GL4.2 (AMD 5750) 

And here is the screenshot of the whole thing in PerfStudio frame debugger:




As you can see, in the fragment shader, FS[0] (the only texture binded) is is GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT binded to sampler2DArray, I just fetch the first array slice and put it in first RT (RT[0]) but the result is always zero. I even tried fetching texture with texelFetch and the result is the same. I also included the shot of the source texture array info. the shots are pretty self explanatory.




What am I doing wrong here ?



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