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What do you think of my art?

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I think you need to do more anatomical studies. Also, you should do more dynamic posing-- lots of your characters here are very stiff or just floating heads.


This is a good start. Your proportions are reasonably in check, too, which is nice to see. But I would start making it a habit to clean and edit your scans, and upload to an art site of some sort, dA, Weasyl and the like or maybe an Art forum... There a few dedicated to game art that might be able to point you in the right direction.

In regards to editing what you scan in, you should play with the Levels/Brightness and Contrast until the lines are black and the paper is white. Also, try to... not crinkle your paper, and always, always flip it to the right angle. It looks very amateurish otherwise. 


For the studies, I need to add that you should use reference. On your latest upload, for example, that's not how high heels work... If you think about it, at least. Using your inbuilt library of what things look like tends to backfire, so it's good to search references and study things before you add them to a drawing or illustration.
And also, while you're at it I'd study facial features. They're very difficult, but before you re-stylise your art it's best to know what you're really doing with it. 
So in other words, Manga/Comic influenced styles aren't bad, but you need to know what you're doing under the surface first. You've probably heard that around anyway, but currently your features are very... flat. 


So. Hands,Faces, Dynamic Posing and underlying anatomical structure.

A little rushed, but I hope this helps somewhat... And isn't overboard. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

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