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Creatures VS Demons

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Creatures VS Demons - Tech Demo


We set out to create a solid gaming experience for HTML5 with Creatures Vs Demons.

Based on our Axis Game Engine, we have had one major principle in mind while developing the title, why should gaming on the web suffer in regards to quality and size, especially when developing the title for PC. 


Please keep in mind this game is a Prototype, it was thrown together in 2 week period for the Mozilla Game On Competition. There are two scenes to play from. We are VERY interested to know what people think about Creatures VS Demons. It would be great at some point if we could continue on this and turn it into a full title, but at this stage, our Game Engine comes first.


To play Creatures VS Demons, please follow the links below. It runs in all major browsers.


Creatures VS Demons - More information

Launch Game - Direct link to the game.


Specs and Requirements

OS - it doesn't really matter, but for this version a PC is required.

Processor - 2.8GHz or faster

Video Card - it always helps

Ram - 1gb

Download - 50mb

*we are still evaluating our minimum system requirements, if you feel you have something to add, please go ahead!


Cheers! Omnijim.

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