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Wants To Make Silent Hill Prologue about Alessa

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This is an idea i came up with that i dream about making if i become a game designer later in life, and i want your opinion

After noticing the fall and weakining of the series quality and strenght wich gets more and more severe for each entrance (product)

i started to think about creating something that woud rebirth the interest of the series followers and restore the dignity by focusing on something that has never been done in the franchise, but wich is not really going to be a horror game.


I want to take you back in time, long before Origins to show you the life of the series most important character: Alessa Gillespie.

I promise to give you the type of horror driven by psyche and ambient, like the first games, but i most warn to that this is not going to be a horror game but more like a dark depressive Drama with some Horror moments.


In this prologue, we are going to follow (play/control) Alessa Gillespie, a fatherless girl with paranormal abilities, that lives with her cold

and abusive mother Dahlia, a religious fanatic and member of the towns cult and religion. We will participate in her hard and lonely

days plagued by the problems at home, and at her school were the students are turning against her because of her abilities.

Her only friend is Claudia Wolf, another iconic figure from the series, that lives with her violent father (Leonard Wolf).

We are also going to take a short follow of psychiatrist Michael Kauffman and nurse Lisa Garland, who both interacted with Alessa in her

final moments of human-life.


Later in the game/story it turns out that Alessas mother plans to use her daughter in a sick ritual that triggers a series of events that in the end, transforms the town into the hellish place we have seen in the games before.


I also want the game include two modes. The Historically Correct mode where the story is as above, and the Fictional mode where the story is as the Historically Correct one but with a few self-created events and parts, including RPG-like choices.

You coud say that it is the Extended Directors Cut.


Now please, tell me what you think smile.pngIgnore woud hurt me more then shit-talking and insults smile.png



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How exactly are you intending your game to be played?


The game is played/controlled by controlling Alessa trough her days in a third-person over the shoulder view. To keep the player immersed in the atmosphere and more focused on the story too, the game will be somewhat like an Interactive Movie (changing camera angles) but not too much linear. Some cinematic and important moments of the game will be on-rail (the player cant do anything else then what we have decided them to do and where to go). The game includes, i guess many, cutscenes but scenes that doesnt feel unworthy thus intruding thus irritating. These scenes varies from highly emotional scenes with superb lightning and screenplay, soothing strings & choir and tear-summoning dialogue to disturbing and dark moments. These scenes, are thee to show you her life.


This sounds very linear, but you have to like Heavy Rain if you are going to appreciate and enjoy this one. I mentioned that it woudnt be as linear as a normal Interactive Film, thise free moments are when Alessa (player) have to lets say, run away (or attack them if you like) from bullying school-kids, go to plot-areas and talk to her only friend, Claudia. Of course, the most free and maybe most enjoyable version of the game is the Fictional one, wich includes as i said, choices with consequences and other moments that doesnt stay true to the town and series history. The very few dialogue-choices in the main mode, will only make a diference in this second mode.

In other words, the Fictional version will be alot like a RPG when it comes to dialogue and choices.


Copyright infringment is one of the last things i woud do in my life, therefore this is just a hobby-thing for me.

Im actually writing a few pages for this game.....again, a hobby.

But im not going to deny the future might bring unrealistic results, for us all smile.png

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Why not turn it into your own game?


Take the stuff you like about the game and fix the stuff you don't.

watch a few horror movies, read a few horror books and get inspiration and then create your own world of horror.(There is noting like owning your own world)

assemble a team to make the game and do it.(Sharing your world with others is fun too)


If you really want to make it a Silent Hill game, you can but it would have to be market as Fan Art and you won't make any money from it.

Finding others to help for free could be hard.



I apologize,Stormynature is correct.

I stupidly assumed that the Fan Art license is the same in most countries.

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If you really want to make it a Silent Hill game, you can but it would have to be market as Fan Art


Yes you could do this and find yourself in crap up to your neck!  IP is IP, if you are fortunate you might never run into trouble....but in all honesty this is akin to sticking your hand into a blender and turning it on without knowing whether the powercord is plugged in and powered. Fangames are a gamble at best...............unless you obtain permission.


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