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Where are the blue dots and stars?

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wintertime    4108

Normally I look at the blue dots or stars to the left of the list of forum threads to know where I wrote something and if there is some new replies. Then I click one to directly jump to the newest posting in that thread.


Today they seem to be missing from the forum, I tried ctrl+f5 but no change. unsure.png

Without them you can only click the topic title and then you have to scroll down the whole thread.sad.png

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Hodgman    51234

I was thinking the same thing. It's much harder to follow conversations without them.
There was an update to the site today, and they were gone when it came back online.
If you look at the HTML code, they're completely missing:

<a href='' title='Go to first unread post'>

There should be an img tag in the middle of that huge empty a tag!


I'm sure someone will be on the case soon!

Edited by Hodgman

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