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Luabind Property not working when from luabind::globals

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As I couldn't compile luabind with gcc using bjam, I created a new static library project for Lua 5.1.4 and Luabind and it finally worked as it should.


I was using the installer version of Lua 5.14 for windows before, which was a dynamic library

  and I guess it was messing with the static lib project for luabind I created previously.


But anyways, its working now.... Thanks o/

And nice tip Gambini, that helps a lot when debugging.







It really is the build of luabind.
I download VisualStudio and compiled luabind with: 

"bjam toolset=msvc-10.0 variant=debug threading=multi link=static-> This doesnt solve anything, the same result
"bjam toolset=msvc-10.0 variant=debug threading=multi link=static define=_BIND_TO_CURRENT_VCLIBS_VERSION" -> This makes it work.


The only problem is that I use gcc mingw with code::blocks so that doesn't actually solve it.

The define that solves the problem is specific to msvc. 


just to make sure, now compiling luabind with gcc(gcc-mingw-4.4.1) with the define produces: 

"bjam toolset=gcc variant=debug threading=multi link=static define=_BIND_TO_CURRENT_VCLIBS_VERSION" -> Bunch of undefined references to lua functions

"bjam toolset=gcc variant=debug threading=multi link=shared define=_BIND_TO_CURRENT_VCLIBS_VERSION" -> Luabind works but with .def_readwrite and .property not working still


Does anyone know how to properly compile luabind with gcc?






I'm trying to make lua recognize a local variable in his global scope and makes chances in it.

So I'm creating a Test ts; and passing it to lua with luabind::globals(l)["test"] = &ts;


It works fine, lua makes changes to his variable 'test' and the changes are transferred to the local variable 'ts'.


The only problem is that the Property is not working: ".property("stack", &Test::getStack, &Test::setStack)"

When calling the getter it spills out some random numbers I'm assuming is an memory addres and the setter does nothing.


I notice thought that this doesnt happen when the variable is created inside luaString, only when getting a variable with luabind::globals.


Inside luaString: "t = Test()\n print(t.stack)" <- this works fine, just doesnt when variable from luabind::globals


This is not a major problem but it would be nice to know how to solve this... am I doing something wrong or am missign something?



The class

using namespace std;
class Test
		int stack;
		Test(){stack = 0; valor = 2;}
		void addStack(){stack++;}
		void sayStack(){cout << stack << endl;}
		int getStack(){return stack;}
		void setStack(int stk){stack = stk;}


Example main and Lua code


int main()
	lua_State* l = luaL_newstate();
	//Bind the class to lua
	luabind::module(l) [
        .def( luabind::constructor<>( ) )
	   .def("sayStack", &Test::sayStack)
	   .def("addStack", &Test::addStack)
	   .property("stack", &Test::getStack, &Test::setStack)
	//Create a Test class
	Test ts;
	//Make lua global test equal to local ts
	luabind::globals(l)["test"] = &ts;

	//First, make a new variable and test property, it WORKS
				  "t = Test()\n"
				  "t.stack = 8\n"
    //Then, using the variable grom luabind::globals... DOESN'T WORK.
				  "ts.stack = 8\n"
	//Close lua
	return 0;




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Typo, change "ts" to "test":


//Make lua global test equal to local ts
    luabind::globals(l)["test"] = &ts; <- right here, the global variable is named "test", but you try to use it as "ts" in your string
//Then, using the variable grom luabind::globals... DOESN'T WORK.

        "print(ts.stack)\n"   <- right here, used "ts" rather than "test"
        "ts.stack = 8\n"      <-


A tip: lua will spit out compile/runtime errors. luaL_dostring (http://pgl.yoyo.org/luai/i/luaL_dostring) and all of the other code compiling/executing functions return non-zero if an error occurs. A simple error-reporting function looks like


//all of the error messages are pushed on to the stack, so while there are items on the stack, pop and print them
void Report(lua_State* L)

    const char* msg = lua_tostring(L,-1);
        std::cout << msg << std::endl;
        msg = lua_tostring(L,-1);
//usage would be something like
if(luaL_dostring(L,....) != 0)
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Typo, change "ts" to "test":


Sorry about that, I didn't actually compile that pasted code.

But anyways I compile it now the result is:

function: 0056D180



Basically, .def_readwrite and .property don't really work.

I found 2 similar questions with google and it appears that its a wrong build with either boost or luabind.
here: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/593408-def-readwrite-dosent-work/

and here: http://lua.2524044.n2.nabble.com/problems-using-def-readwrite-and-property-when-binding-classes-td7581631.html


The thing is... I can't seem to compile boost or luabind very well... I'm using Code::Block with gcc mingw.

What I did was compile luabind from a dynamic lib project with defined LUABIND_DYNAMIC_LINK


As for the boost I simply extrated boost 1_44_0 and added it to the includes directories and it seemed to work fine.


Can someone help me compile boost and luabind correctly??

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