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What happened to string::split?

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zppz    226

The docs and change notes say that the string class should have a split(string delimiter) function, but I can't find any trace of it in the current source code... just wondering what happened to it.


For now I am using this:

string[] split(string str, string delimiter) 
	string[] parts;
	int startPos = 0;
	while (true) {
		int index = str.findFirst(delimiter, startPos);
		if ( index == -1 ) {
			parts.insertLast( str.substr(startPos) );
		else {
			parts.insertLast( str.substr(startPos, index - startPos) );
			startPos = index + delimiter.length;
	return parts;

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WitchLord    4677

The split method is implemented in add_on/scriptstdstring/scriptstdstring_utils.cpp. 


In order to use it in the scripts you must register it with RegisterStdStringUtils(engine). This call must be done after the string and the script array have been registered.

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