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Free cloud to test Unity and SmartFox?

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SoulRyder    141



I am working on a game, and we are creating this in Unity, and we are planning to use SmartFoxServer for the multiplayer.

The multiplayer is a turn based game, similar to Draw Something or Wordfeud.


Now I can test SmartFox trough localhost on my pc, but I dont know how to test it on mobile devices without hosting smartfox on a remote server.

Now I found Amazon EC2, and this looks like a very good choice, and it even has a free version to try it out!


But if you want to use the free version, you still have to give in your credit card details. Now at first I do not have a credit card (I am dutch and in my country not every one has a credit card)... Second I am not the one who is going to pay for the servers when the game is released, and third Amazon says and I qoute 

If your monthly usage goes beyond the free tier, your AWS service charges will be billed to the credit card you provide below.

So because I do not have alot of experience with this kind of services I do not dare to use some one elses credit card just to try out the service. because if I accidently go beyond the free tier he will have to pay because of that.


Does anyone know another service like Amazon EC2 which can be used for Unity and SmartFox, where I do not have to give credit card info or something?


Thanks in advance!




EDIT: Lol, first thing I see after posting this topic is a advertisement of Cloudant. Would this be a good choice?

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hplus0603    11347
My advice is to get a credit card. You are in control of the usage -- one micro machine instance can be on for the entire time, and it will not go over the free usage. If you turn it off when you're not using it, you will build up additional machine hours you can use to run multiple images in parallel at other times, should you need to. The free time does not carry over between months, though.

Even if you go over the allocation, a handful of dollars probably won't kill your game? It it would, you may be working on pretty narrow margins...

Once you run the game for real, whoever is going to run the game long term can get their own Amazon account.

Another option is to set up port forwarding on your home router to your PC, and set up something like DynDNS to point at your home IP address.

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