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Build A World - new massive game

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Hi all
We are now in final stage of preparing version 1.0 of our new game 'Build A World'.
Check the game-screenies out on the webpage, or facebook or youtube:
main features are:
high resolution blocks and worlds for detailed building
easy-to-use powersystems. just point and click. produce energy with wind turbines, solarcells, coal, oil, nuclear. store energy for times without sun or wind
randomly autogenerated massive cities with cars, people, user-created content
boats . planes . submarines
large number of animals in the world . fish . birds . bears . wolves . bees . pigs . cows . whales
visits cultures and countries . large cities . china . africa . the poles . winther . summer . underwater worlds . deserts
24/7 online servers for all players. multiplayer via LAN or online cloud servers available at all times
online library of constructions and maps. showoff and share your worlds and constructions
underwater cities of glass. spacestation and other planets
state of the art graphics . automatic settings . compatible with low-end GPU's
Different gamemodes: conflictmode . player against player . team against team . clan against clan . online competitions
Natural phenomenons like vulcanos and earthquakes.
Choose your personal player: boy, girl, woman, man, worker, engineer.
Real physics
3D sound
- - -
For 3D it uses Irrlicht, with a lot of modifications.... to mention a few: 3d textures, tessellation shaders, pointers to user data in materials, optimized occlusion queries, hardware particles, custom vertex formats and render target blitting.

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