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[Browser Game] Yet Another Space Sim - Codename: ItsAfterYou

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Hello everyone!


Brief intro:

My name is Alex and I'm a self-claimed web developer - familiar with many stacks, technologies, systems, subsystems, game mechanics etc.

About 4 years ago I decided to start working on a php based survival MMO RPG with some strategy involved (you gotta build a healthy community/tribe with other players to survive and sh!t). The thing failed when premature optimization and lack of a graphics guy.

Project status: [ABANDONED]


Well, 3 years after (last year) and with a lot more of experience on my humble back I decided to start building something similar. I failed when premature development optimization and lack of graphics guy.

Project status: [POSTPONED]


That leads to today, feeling a bit confident and lucky I decided to present the concept of the latter project - I'm seeking all kinds of advice, constructive or not criticism, flaming, cheering, donations, booze, your girlfr- (... too far!)


Core concept in a bullet styled format:

  • Will be a Browser Game. - I know many of you don't like browser games because of the lo-fi/non-existant graphics and shitty gameplay. Tetris was fun, pacman was fun, NetHack was fun, Minecraft is also super fun. Only thing you have to bring along with you to play is your imagination.
  • Will be a Space Sim. - Aren't there enough already?! Yeah, there are. The main reason for this was because I love sci-fi and FTL earlier the last year made me realize how much appealing is to micromanage a vessel and how much you connect with it when you get it totally right or totally wrong. Spacecrafts are just a sparkling choice and for that reason I'm going to stick with them.
  • Will incorporate open PvP mechanics with a bandit flagging system. - This would set off the feeling of insecurity while travelling through space. Many MMO's have done this, some succeeded, some failed miserably. The key is to have the players prepared (through the bandit system and bandit takedown coordination systems) and giving them all the tools to avoid PvP when absolutely needed, with the required tradeoffs of course.
  • Random events will take place giving quests, loot and more. - Random events are a common pattern in many games, most of the times they're scripted and are predictable. Players have been analyzing data from random events (ranging from consciously and organized to unconsciously and intuitively) in their effort to dip into the game world mechanics. Sometimes it leads to a sense of power through knowledge and depth and I will try to trigger that.
  • Live, rich gameplay to a point. - Despite the limiting platform (browser), if you know what you're doing you can build amazing responsive UIs, sweet UX, live server communication, you can also incorporate media (sound/video/rendering) to enrich the gameplay and to add to the mood. Every resource is out there but the indie industry can't afford everything that makes a good browser game and the Big Bosses (major gaming studios) won't even touch the browser platform. But -hell!- let's face it, the best strategy games were not those with the fancy graphics nor those with the best graphics engine at the time, but surely it adds up for the overall experience and story telling.
  • A dark, twisted mood and concept. - Space is a dark, uncharted and unforgiving place. Space games should give you the darkest feelings, it's no common man's task of being alone galaxies away from every known civilization. You'll never know what's hiding in that planet system you found until you risk checking it out yourself. When playing this game you should have the feeling that reminding yourself of "Dead men tell no tales" is the only way to carry on through the game. Despite of how fearless you are you will always be worried about your integrity.
  • Permadeath realms. - Some gamers like it hardcore. The most frustrating scenario is when a Korean guy (with respect to their gaming abilities) is smashing your most feared boss into pieces, SOLO, when it has been designed as a 300 men party quest. Nothing wrong with that, until the community goes screaming 'NERF KOREANS!'. I'd love to give a chance to them and anyone to show what they're worth in an uncontrolled environment, where trial and error is limited by the lucky charms you keep in your pockets. Permadeath is the ultimate challenge to a hardcore gamer and I will support it, even reward it with season rankings and prizes.

That's all I can think about. I have many many ideas about low-level mechanics, items, story, world etc. But they're subject to change and are kinda a secret.

Keep in mind that it started as an experiment and it might as well end as an experiment with little to no income from it. Donations will always be available though, I love donating to people that make things I enjoy and giving something back feels amazing for both of them.


Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, English is not my native language. Also the gamedev facts I'm using are my personal opinion and you can bash the hell out of them, got my blessings and everything.


So, whatcha think?



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Well, I think browser gaming is about to change. Good old days of some PHP, almost no graphic and basically spreadsheet play is about to end. HTML5 is quite promising.


Actually I see no reason not to build a game like FTL in multiplayer and/or open world (apart from massive coding and bandwidth requirements) , but there is a rather steep learning curve, actually I am about to walk same path.

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