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DX8 and Rendering text to screen ?

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I have only Been Programing in DX for 2 mounths , I got D3d8 down
good and but mod any bit and move it around ect. my game has 100 bitmaps in it for about 20MB, but this text thing like this .
I have no clue

m_strWindowTitle = _T("Text3D: Text in a 3D scene");
m_bUseDepthBuffer = FALSE;

// Create fonts
lstrcpy( m_strFont, _T("Arial") );
m_dwFontSize = 18;
m_pFont = new CD3DFont( m_strFont, m_dwFontSize );
m_pStatsFont = new CD3DFont( _T("Arial"), 12, D3DFONT_BOLD );
It is VC++ I could change it to C++ for my Dev-4 compiler ,simple.
but, (lstcpy) my compiler gets mad at me) I could modify this easy. Dose anyone know why there is a problem with lstcpy?

THX it''s still what I was looking for.

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ID3DXFont is really slow. It looks great and has a ton of formatting options, but I''d only use it for a small amount of text or in a case where speed isn''t an issue.

CD3DFont is well regarded. I haven''t played with it myself (yet), but it should be a good choice. Decent output with decent speed.

Using bitmaps isn''t an evil thing, I kind of like it actually. My new text library ( uses a pre-made font bitmap (created by Bitmap Font Bulder, nice app, free too) and it looks good and it''s fast.

Stay Casual,

Drunken Hyena

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